swat Team Officers
Crash scene
FIAT Major Crimes Unit or MCU investigates a wide variety of crimes.

Past investigations include Homicide, Sexual Assault, Armed Robbery, Burglary
Felony Investigative Assistance Team (FIAT) is a multi-jursdictional Police taskforce based in DuPage County Illinois

The taskforce has fourteen (14) member Police Departments in DuPage County Illinois.

Five taskforce teams:
-Accident Reconstruction
-K9 Response Unit
-Computer Forensic
-Major Crimes

DuPage County is located in the Western Suburbs of Chicago.
FIAT Covers Approximately 300,000 people.
Special Weapons And Tactics (SWAT) responds to high-risk critical incidents requiring specialized training and equipment

The SWAT Team is comprised of Team Operators (police Officers), Tactical EMS (paramedics), Negotiators, and Tactical Dispatchers.

Past SWAT Incidents include Barricaded Subjects, Shootings, Drug Search Warrants
Team of Experts investigate and prepare detail reports for fatal and severe personal injury motor vehicle crashes
Police K9 w/ Officer
Canine Response Unit (CRU) consists of nine K-9 teams from FIAT agencies.